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ISO 50001 Structured Energy Management Approach

The new International Standart for Energy Management ISO 50001 is based around the classical Plan-Do-Check-Act approach to managment systems.  Crucially the standard is an improvement on other standards as it places a heavier emphasis on energy improvements as opposed to documentation.

Typically people comment that you cannot manage what you dont measure, but this should really be phrased that you cannot manage what you dont understand.

Structured energy management can only really be implemented when you fully understand your energy uses and needs to an adequate level and in the porcess of developing this understanding you will identify the opportunities for improvement.


Target Energy has unrivalled expertise in ISO 50001 implementation and support and Ian Boylan has assisted many organisations in delivering large reductions in energy consumption and cost using this structured approach optimised to each organisation.

Target Energy offer a wide range of services to organisations interested in utilising the ISO 50001 approach to reduce their energy use and cost.

  • Implementation Support
  • Energy Review Service
  • Internal Audits
  • Mentoring & Support Service
  • Training
  • Opportunity for Improvement Analysis
  • Verification of savings achieved against plan

Ian has a keen interest in the effective implementation of ISO 50001 to ensure that energy savings are maximised.  He is currently writing a book on the subject that is due for publication in 2013