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An ESOS Certified individual has demonstrated that they have the capability to carry out an audit aligned with the requirements of the Environment Agency ESOS regulations and associated guidance documents. To Apply for ESOS certification the individual must already have attained certification to either of the AEE CEM or CEA qualifications therefore demonstrating their technical capabilities whilst ESOS goes further in requiring an individual to demonstrate that they have all of the defined PAS 51215 competencies.

ESOS certified Lead Assessors are the only individuals approved to sign off ESOS audits for organisations required to comply with ESOS regulations.


To demonstrate capability and authority to sign off an ESOS audit as a lead assessor.


Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:
Hold an in-date Certificate as CEM Or Hold an in-date certificate as CEA.
Have the competencies outlined in PAS 51215
Have a transport related competency
Hold valid up to date insurance
Sign the code of conduct as a Lead Assessor