Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)


The training is presented by AEE in conjunction with the AEE Irish Chapter.

Applicants must meet one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Level 8 related* degree OR Chartered Engineer (C. Eng), OR Professional Engineer (PE), OR Registered Architect (RA).
  • Level 8 unrelated degree.

  • Level 6 Certificate, Level 7 Diploma or Level 6 Certificate
  • NONE
  • Current Status of Certified Energy Manager (CEM®)

Details of the programme: Becoming a CBCP

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*Related degree in science, engineering, architecture, business, law, finance, or related field and related experience in facilities management HVAC or process engineering design, construction project management, electrical/controls design, installation or operations, testing, adjusting and balancing, or building commissioning.