Measurement & Verification Support

Not all energy projects work and deliver energy savings, and those that do work now are not guaranteed to do so into the future.  As they say in the financial world, part performance does not a guarantee of future performance.

The purpose of Measurement and Verification, M&V is to ensure that you understand all the aspects affecting the potential delivery of savings from an energy improvement project to an acceptable level to be able to determine that energy savings delivered met the projections and expectations of the project or did not do so.

People automatically link M&V to Energy Performance Contracting, EPC, where the contractor delivering the implementation of the energy efficiency improvement has a payment linked to the proven delivery of that improvement. 

M&V is indeed an integral part of EPC, but it is applicable to more than this just this.  If your CEO, engineering manager or cost accountant provides resources to you to deliver an energy efficiency improvement, is it not just as relevant to ensure that the projected improvement was actually delivered.  After all the resources were provided on the basis of what the project was supposed to deliver.  This is not to scapegoat persons for non-delivery of savings, but to allow non performance of a project to be quickly identified, assessed and corrected, leading to improved performance.  Indeed it may not have worked and better to identify this now, rather than when the project has been replicated at five other installations.

The International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol, IPMVP, is the internationally recognised best in class approach towards proper M&V for an organisation and it outlines the steps to be undertaken to ensure that savings are reported with a pre-determined and acceptable level of uncertainty, allowing ratioal decisions to be made as to whether the projected performance improvement was  actually made.

Target Energy offers Measurement and Verification Support services to clients in various shapes and forms.

  • Assessing potential improvement projects for the various potential areas that could lead to projected saving being under-delivered
  • Devising the Measurement and Verification Plan that can be used to verify the savings delivered
  • Assiting design teams to ensure that optimum performance is delivered and can be verified
  • Independent advice to clients and engineering consultancies on Measurement and Verification planning activities and indeed potential advice where conflicts have arisen
  • Full turnkey verification of energy projects

Ian Boylan, Director of Target Energy, is a member of the Efficiency Valuation Organisation, the worldwide renowned voluntary organisation that wrote IPMVP, and indeed Ian was the first Certified Measurent & Verification Practioner, CMVPTM in Ireland and the only EVO approved CMVP trainer and level 4 practicioner in Ireland. 

Ian provides Measurement and Verification Support Services and training to organisations throughout Ireland and the UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your M&V support needs.