Strategic Consultancy

Target Energy is an energy consultancy company providing its clients with independant energy advice based on sound engineering principles, coupled with experience and integrity.

Our focus is based on the best principles of energy management, making best use of existing systems first, improving efficiency of operational use and essentially looking at the low cost energy reduction options.

The next stage is looking for low cost energy improvements requiring small investments in either modification of existing equipment or systems of work, and then towards the medium cost opportunities.

At the latter stages are the high cost investments and typically also renewable options, only recommended to be tackled when the more immpdiate opportunites have been addressed.

The Target Energy  approach is to see how best to adapt the existing practices within the organisation to improve energy efficiency and to maximise where feasible the use of on organisations resources where the real knowledge of the business lies.

We work using the format of the International Energy Management Standard ISO 50001 irrespective of whether an organisation has their sights set on acheiving certification, the reason for this being our strong beleif that an organisation cannot manage what it does not understand, and the planning process of a structures energy management approach leads to this key acheivement in the process towards delivering a sustainable approach to energy within an organisation.

Services offered unde the strategic consulting banner include:

  • Procurement advice
  • Design Challenges on new projects or retrofits
  • Re-commissioning activities and assessments
  • Review of equipment and systems such as HVAC, Compressed Air, Electrical Supply, Distribution and End Use, Boilers and Steam Systems, Refrigeration Systems, Pumping Systems etc. to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Assitance in bring energy efficiency ideas from conception to implementation
  • Energy audit services

We describe this as our strategic consultancy service as our end goal is to work with you and assist you to improve the energy efficiency of your organisation.  We do not sell products and the end goal is not to simply deliver a report.  Success in this approach is to deliver improved energy performance in your organisation in a self sustaining manner.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance to your organisation.